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RV Dealers Near Me: Why Buying Local is Better for You and Your RV

Article Preview ImageIf you, like so many other Americans, are looking for an RV, your first question should be, ďare there any local RV dealers near me?Ē It might not be immediately evident, why it is better to get your RV from a local dealer, rather than a commercial franchise store. Buying your RV from a local dealer offers many conveniences and financial advantages.† Learn everything you need to know about buying your RV from a dealer near you. Find out about the benefits that come along with buying locally, and how it ultimately can save you thousands of dollars in ongoing maintenance and repairs....

What is Boondocking?

Article Preview ImageWhat is boondocking? Maybe youíve heard of boondocking from other campers or RV friends, but you arenít sure what exactly it is. Boondocking is camping somewhere that is not an official campground. If you are interested in boondocking in your RV, this is your beginner's guide for 2020. Find out everything you need to know about boondocking, including resources to help you find the best places to boondock. And, learn how to keep yourself safe and legal while off the grid and exploring the...

Best Campgrounds in Michigan for the Family in Western Michigan Ė 2020

Article Preview ImageAutumn in Michigan is the perfect time to pack up the family for a weekend camping trip. In Michigan, you donít have to go far to find breathtaking natural scenery, and you canít throw a stone without hitting a campground. But, you can find some of the best campgrounds in Michigan along the state's western shore of Lake Michigan. See the 5 best camping locations in Western Michigan for a weekend family tent, popup, or RV trips. Learn about all the amenities, facilities, rates, and activities...